Website Design & SEO

For any business or brand, a website has become an absolute necessity. But to convert visitors into customers, your website needs to effectively convey your brand values and offer an impressive, intuitive and user-friendly browsing experience.

Most UK web design agencies will do exactly as you ask; design and build you a website. At Green Drum, we go further. We design and build (not off-the-shelf) custom websites. As your website had better work aesthetically as well as technically – or it could potentially work against you – we create bespoke designs to perfectly fit your needs. And our proven expertise in branding will guarantee that your website will become an effective part of your brand communication strategy.


Because of its comprehensive and easy-to-use content management system, all our websites are powered by the WordPress platform. In essence, it allows our clients to have full control of their website content and, most importantly, to keep it up-to-date, enabling them to maximise the effectiveness of their online marketing.


While, the planning of a website might not be the most exciting stage of its development, it is absolutely crucial if you want it to bring you new business. Besides, proper planning means that the design and the construction of your site will be more informed, better thought-out and more effective.

  • Full audit of your website (if you already have one)
  • Website objectives – why do you need a website and what do you want it to achieve?
  • Market (sector) review – who are your competititors, what are they doing and how do you compare?
  • Audience identification – who are your customers and what do they want from your site?
  • Function specifications – what tasks do you need your website to perform?
  • Content plan – how much content should you have, who is writing it and when?
  • Site map – planning the structure of your website
  • Defining success – how will you measure your website’s performance?

Design & Construction

We’ll work in close collaboration with you to design and build your new website. Moreover, our comprehensive process is fully inclusive – from initial design brainstorming, site architecture, content generation and SEO, to design, build and hosting. We can also help you with copywriting, photography and all production of content. All our websites are fully responsive and work properly on tablets and phones.

  • Initial design brainstorming
  • Site architecture, information structure & wireframes (mock-ups)
  • Initial design stages (the ‘Big Ideas’)
  • Content generation (copywriting, photography, illustration & graphics etc.)
  • Design development
  • Initial site construction
  • Content inputing and initial on-page SEO
  • Functionality set-up
  • Pre-launch testing
  • Launch

SEO & Support

We include a period of post-launch support on all our projects to allow for tweaking, sorting out snags and making any necessary alterations. Following this initial period, we can also offer you ongoing support – for even the smallest of websites – including help with blogging, on-going SEO, link building, content production, tracking, reporting and so on.

  • Post-launch testing and checks
  • Support period
  • Reporting & refining
  • Ongoing support, development and SEO

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