Stella Artois Premium Lager

Brand Image & Packaging Design
Interbrew Belgium

The Stella Artois Premium Lager rebranding was designed to visually recapture its unique quality, origins and heritage to appeal to a global audience. When the two largest Belgian brewing groups merged to form Interbrew, making Stella Artois an international flagship brand was a key part of their strategy. Back in 1926, Stella (Star) was brewed as a special Christmas beer by Sebastien Artois, master brewer of The Horn brewery, founded in 1366, which later became the Artois brewery. The horn symbol and the medals won by the brewery for excellence, combined with period Flemish ornaments, form the iconic cartouche that became the centrepiece of the brand’s distinctive image. To complete the brand image revitalisation process, a unique range of stylish merchandising materials was designed to further communicate the brand’s heritage and distinctiveness.

The new brand image received a design effectiveness DBA award in the UK.


Stella Artois Premium Lager 1